Stephan Murray was a Man of Business and Philanthropy

Stephen P. Murray was a major force in the business world, especially in the private equity industry. He became a masterful investor and was equally as comfortable in the world of philanthropy as was in business as he supported several projects near and dear to his heart.

He always recognized and acknowledged he was very fortunate to achieve the success he had and felt it important to pass some of the good things he received in life to others.

He rose to the office of President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, a company in which he co-founded. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a private equity firm that specialized in growth equity transactions and buyouts. His previous employment with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, MH Equity Corporation, Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation prepared him for the ultimate role at CCMP Capital.

He credits his educational background which included earning an Economics degree from Boston College and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School with the solid foundation for much of his success.

He worked with both schools in different capacities providing opportunities for students to excel and experience their own level of success.

He utilized his education and his business success as stepping stones to his philanthropic philosophy. He knew in his heart it was important to help others and provide positive opportunities they might not be able to experience otherwise and that were one of the keys to his success.

He supported such foundations as the Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro New York providing the opportunity for those with life threatening afflictions a moment of happiness and the opportunity to forget about treatments and medical appointments for a short time.

His heart swelled with pride every time he saw a smile on the face of a recipient of the foundation. Stephen Murray also supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and the Stamford Museum. His work with each entity helped to make a difference in the life of someone who needed a helping hand and a splash of happiness.

His impact was felt on the boards of several major corporations he was associated with. Those companies included Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, General Power Systems and Aramark.

He used his business acumen and personal philosophy to help those companies remain successful and serve the community in their own way.

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On Business Owners Dealing with Haters and Their Discontents

Business owners never like to get sidetracked. Being sidetracked does nothing more than lead to the direction of energy away from important things and towards endeavors that are a waste of both time and money. The skill of a hater is to get business owners to do all the things that are self-defeating. Bad reviews, the airing of personal and professional grievances, and other annoying commentary can be published online. A business owner then has to deal with the brutality of addressing such issues. has written an article designed to present good advice on the subject.

Getting into the mud – that is, arguing with – haters is never a good idea. Doing so doesn’t exactly make the victim look good. Instead, everyone comes off bad. A business owner cannot afford such a scenario to play out.

Would it not be better to try and use the opportunity of online chaos to reach out to customers? Making strong commitments to current customers that the same level of great quality they have come to expect will continue. For those wishing to really get one over on the haters, the resulting publicity from the “public hating” could be used to promote a special sale. Stranger things have been done in the name of consumerism.

Another things that should be done is visiting The reason is a professional reputation management and search engine fixing service is going to be needed to reverse the impact the haters have on the search engine results. Creating new content definitely helps with the goal of reversing search engine mishaps. is a great website to help clean up negative news and fix online reputation issues.

If there was any lesson to be learned here it would be to not allow haters to ruin things. Options always exist. They are worth exploring. Be sure to Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.

What do you Know about Sanjay Shah?

Do you know Sanjay Shah? He is the founder and CEO of Solo Capital Markets. He is also the founder of Autism Rocks Foundation, an association which helps children with autism. The association was formed a few years ago, after Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism. The association has gone ahead and channelled the contributions they get to help in advancing research in the area around the condition.
Autism Rocks has organised events in various parts of the world to help raise awareness and to help people get the help they need when they get diagnosed with the same. Mostly, it is children who suffer. The condition is made worse especially where the parents are not able to pay for therapy sessions which are essential for children suffering from the condition.
Sanjay has managed to bring together artists from all over to grace the events. He has invited famous people such as Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida and Michael Buble. They perform and people buy tickets at an affordable cost. The money gathered after ticket sales go to the initiative.
Apart from his charity, Sanjay is also known for being one of the most reputed business moguls in the world. He began his path in life after he quit medical school and decided to pursue accounting. He went on to work for known banks in the United Kingdom before the financial crisis that took place in 2009. When he was rendered redundant, he decided to be creative and form a brokerage company which would ensure that he stayed in business. Solo Capital was launched a few years later, in 2011 and the rest is history.
At Solo Capital, you will be able to take advantage of financial services and advisory services from experts. They have one of the best customer care experience in the industry. You can obtain their services in London, Dubai, the Cayman Islands and even Luxembourg. All you have to do is contact their team and you can set your appointment with them. To be part of Autism Rocks Foundation, you can also join the conversation on social media and on their site.


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The Midas Legacy’s Unique Approach To Financial Advisement

The Midas Legacy is a company with a simple mission, to use the experience and expertise of their employees and leadership in order to help others to achieve greatness in whatever field or capacity they decide to pursue. Blogs, advisement services, personalized investment plan advice and retirement planning are some of the services that The Midas Legacy.

The company is so concerned with the all around health of the people that it helps that the research of natural medicine treatments is a major talking point of the firm. The Midas Legacy believes in educating clients about finance and real estate, giving them as much information as possible to make good investment decisions. To help clients avoid disappointment and regret the experts at The Midas Legacy use their knowledge and experience to educate their members. They try to protect members against the interests of investment companies and emphasize the fact that those companies are in the industry to profit off of the funds that they manage. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, socialites, and heirs to fortunes all represent the Midas Legacy’s membership. The company is also dedicated to providing financial guidance and advisement on retirement plans and wealth management.

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The Midas Legacy educates members in real estate by giving facts and tips on how to succeed in the field with insight that only professionals would have. The company also offers its expertise on the practices of Wall Street to give members a chance to better understand the market, how it works, and how it can work for them.

Though interested in all aspects of life the focus of the agency is finances and investing. But even in this the Midas legacy is not a typical financial investment group. They do not handle or manage money, but instead consult, advise, and educate members to help them avoid the pitfalls of investment banking. As a research firm the Midas Legacy keeps members constantly updated about stock information and investment opportunities. They seek to empower members with the knowledge to be successful and to make investment decisions with unbiased expert knowledge in mind. Members of the Midas Legacy benefit from the company’s desire to address the sometimes underhanded, unfair, and murky practices that can go on in the wealth management arena. The Midas Legacy is dedicated to keeping its members informed in order to make sure they’re able to protect their interests and thrive financially.

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