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February 2016
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    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced today that the “Rooney Rule” will now be applied to women when NFL teams look to hire in the executive offices. NFL MANDATES WOMEN INTERVIEW FOR EXECUTIVE POSITIONS The Rooney Rule was adopted in 2003 and required that all teams interview at least one minority candidate for a head coaching or senior football operations position. The rule was so named after Pittsburgh Steelers owner Andy Rooney proposed the plan to his fellow owners after years of calls for more diversity in the coaching ranks. Over the thirteen years that the rule has been enacted, there has been a sharp increase in the number of minority coaches and assistant coaches in the NFL.

    Just when we thought that the Laidlaw & Company scandal had ended, it’s back with the NFL now.

    The NFL has recently been under intense scrutiny regarding its perceived lack of sensitivity to women issues. Many have pointed toward the “boy’s club” culture of the NFL and the string of public relation failures involving NFl players and domestic violence incidence.

    It is hoped that the Rooney rule would have the same effect in the NFL executive levels by providing a greater opportunity for women executives to be exposed to employment opportunities that were previously in the sole domain of men. Many believe that this is a step in the right direction and will help the NFL market itself to a larger audience. The Commissioner stated that the rule will go into effect at the start of the 2016 NFL season.

    The Leader in Dr. Sergio Cortes

    Leadership is an essential input into the organization of human resource. Leadership gives a company that overall direction and great responsibility are bestowed upon leaders. As a leader, one must harmonize operations and individual inputs with the goals of the organization. Furthermore, they carry the burden of rallying employees towards the course.
    The leadership characters stand out, and one can easily differentiate between a leader and a pretender. For instance, a closer look at Dr. Sergio Cortes reveals a man born to lead. A professional who effortlessly contributes to the development of his career line and the welfare of the people. His leadership qualities were noted early in his career, and the Doctor has gone on to serve in several leadership capacities.
    One of the key roles Sergio Cotes ever assumed is that of Health Secretary for the State of Rio de Janeiro. This position allowed him to exercise his leadership skills, further his career accomplishments and serve the people directly. During the seven-year stint, Dr. Cortes tackled lots of pressing issues. However, none matched the flooding event of 2013 in Xerem, an event that caused panic and threatened to turn into a complete disaster.
    Luckily, the local health department had stipulated contingency measures in advance to tackle such cases. As a result, a much quicker response took place in the area. The displaced residents of Xerem received shelter tents for accommodation as well as medical supplies including vaccines from deadly diseases. Due to the alarming risk of spread of Dengue and Zika, the ministry set up hydration camps with a capacity to handle 300 patients.
    In a visit to the affected area, Sergio Cortes pleaded with the displaced persons to follow health guidelines to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases. His office also provided clean and bottled water for the population to use. There were concerns over the emergence and spread of more health cases as a result of garbage concentrations washed away in floods. Extra Magazine covered the official visit, and Dr. Cortes explained to the media that his department prepared for the worst-case scenario.

    Elsewhere, Dr. Cortes continues to probe into the Zika and Chikungunya viruses that have become prevalent in South America.

    Cam Newton’s Panthers Are Unafraid

    Panthers Embracing Their Destiny

    As far as the 2015 NFL season goes, there’s always gonna be a special stigma regarding the Carolina Panthers. Quarterback Cam Newton seems to be of the same opinion, too. So does Villanova All-American lacrosse player Jon Urbana, who spends most of his time drumming up grassroots support for his favorite charities, but also happens to think that the Panthers have constantly gotten less respect than they deserve all year. See Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign and you’ll understand exactly why.

    Newton is still in the midst of what can easily be called a career season for him, but along the long road from the preseason to last week’s win over the Arizona Cardinals, he’s been considered a great, athletic player but also arrogant, flamboyant and also unsportsmanlike in some cases. None of these descriptions, however, seem to bother the fifth year quarterback, who when asked, stated that he’s an African-American quarterback who may be intimidating because few players at his position are as mobile as he is in the pocket, flashy, has a great throwing arm and carries himself in a specific fashion.

    But Newton isn’t the only person on the Panthers team to be seen as “unconventional,” as head coach Ron Rivera has shades of it himself. Rivera, being a Hispanic head coach and on his way to his first Super Bowl as a head coach, by changing the entire team in his few years there to become an NFL juggernaut this past season. Even when asked about the attention he would face from the Super Bowl media, he simply acknowledged it would happen.

    Cam Newton, meanwhile, knows true fans of the team will come out in real support.

    Wirt moving on after incorporation bid fails

    Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., is relieved that the move to incorporate Olympic Valley has apparently ended. He hopes with the recent snowfall that has helped ski resorts, that he can move on and better things are in store. Early snowfall this year has allowed resorts to open earlier than they have in recent years because of a nagging drought.

    “This has been a very, very tough four years,” Wirth said in a recent story in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

    The application for incorporation was withdrawn recently when a study by California’s Local Agency Formation Commission said the town would not be financially viable. Both sides spent a lot of money on promoting their issue, and Wirth’s company was opposed from the beginning.

    “This has been divisive … I just hope we all see this as chance for healing.” Wirth said.

    Olympic Valley was the host site of the 1960 Olympics, and that also led to the creation of Sqauw Valley resort which Wirth runs. Wirth opposed incorporation because he thought it would raise taxes on individuals and business and would reduce services like snow plowing which is important for ski resorts.

    Proponents said Wirth spent so much money opposing it because he did not want to have to answer to a city council on issues like zoning. Wirth pointed out that proponents had spent a lot too, and dismissed that criticism.

    Wirth and company hopes to improve the real estate market in the area with commercial and residential development. Since joining Squaw Valley in 2010 Wirth combined the two resorts and they now offer joint ski tickets. His company has also announced plans to develop a gondola between the two resorts.

    Wirth has been in the resort business since 1986 when he went to work for Steamboat Springs He worked there in management and marketing until 2007 when he was named executive vice president of Intrawest, who bought that resort the same year. In 2010 he made the move to Squaw Valley as president and CEO. He also worked for the Rocky Mountain National parks as a back country ranger and for the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area as a ranger.

    He was born in Germany, but grew up in the United States and graduated from Colorado State University. He also attended Edinburgh University in Scotland. He is the grandson of former U.S. National Parks Service Director Conrad Wirth.

    Range Of Dog Products Offered By Beneful Company

    Beneful is a Company that manufactures quality dog foods to keep your dog healthy and strong than ever. Beneful Company focuses on the production of varieties of dog food products. Beneful dog foods products range from wet dog foods to dry dog foods. Beneful Company has been in the forefront to promote the benefit of treating your puppy well.

    The Beneful Playful life dry food

    The Beneful playful life dry dog food comprises of whole grains that help your dog to attain maximum energy. This dry food contains carbohydrates that help your dog to maintain an ideal body condition.

    Beneful playful life also comprises of real beef that is rich in proteins. Proteins enriched in this food product helps your dog to have muscle building for a healthy day. A dog fed with Beneful Playful life food stays active all day long.

    The Beneful healthy weight dry dog food

    The Beneful healthy weight dry dog food comprises of real chicken that generates protein nutrients in your puppy’s body. The food is manufactured to keep your dog’s body healthy and to maintain weight.

    The healthy weight dry dog food comprises of chicken products that contain carrots and beans as flavors. This food product meets the AAFCO standards of production. The dry dog food product from Purinastore is recommended for helping in maintaining the adult’s dog ideal body.

    AAFCO recommends feeding of the dog at least twice a day. This practice helps to keep your dog active playful and active throughout the day.

    The Beneful Dry Dog Food incredibites

    The Beneful incredibites dog food product falls under the category of dry foods. The food comprises of wheat flour and corn. Beneful incredibites also consists of soy flour and rice. These sources are rich in carbohydrates. They offer your dog with adequate energy.

    Beneful incredibites also comprises of real beef that acts as a protein source. This dog food product aids in body building and muscle buildings in your dog.

    AAFCO recommends feeding of one dog with a three-quarter of a cup twice a day.

    The Beneful Chopped dog food product

    Beneful Chopped dog food product comprises of ingredients such as beef, carrots, and barley. The food product undergoes processing to provide maximum benefit for your dog. This food product falls under the wet dog food products.

    Beneful Chopped Blends keeps your dog healthy and active than ever.

    In conclusion, Beneful Company has been manufacturing quality food products for the wellbeing of your dog. Beneful has been a top-notch Company for maintaining dogs’ health and strength.



    BMG Sponsorship of Marcelo Melo


    The article is one that lists the information on the sponsorship of tennis player Marcelo Melo. It also talks about why the BMG company has chosen to sponsor the tennis player and their dedication to sports.

    BMG president Guimarães was the major deciding factor on who the company would sponsor. Marcelo Melo was the choice. They signed the official commercial contract. The tennis player was chosen to be sponsored by BMG because he is a top ATP player in the world. The company announced that the tennis player will be wearing the BMG logo on all of his uniforms, including the game and practice ones.

    Marcelo Melo was quoted on information about the sponsorship helping him to compete in the Rio de Janeiro games for the 2016 world Olympics. Guimarães said that BMG will sponsor him because they believe that he is an excellent athlete that has made his way through the sport and the company wants to see him prepared for the games. The sponsorship came after Melo competed with partner Ivan Dodig in the Paris 1000 Master Trophy Competition.

    It was started in early Noemeber. Guimarães, the president of BMG feels that it is his duty to sponsor athletes who come to his home country. He knows that he is indebted to them and that they can help his company become better. He wanted it to begin as soon as possible. Melo and Dodig came back from the Paris competition with trophies, this prompted Guimarães to sign the contract. The investors were impressed with this and the three other wins that the Melo had come about. He won in Alcapulco, Mexico as well as Shanghai, China.

    The bank is one that is committed to success of athletes that come from the home country. They only choose athletes who have shown the most dedication and go above and beyond. They only want to see Brazilian athletes succeed, no matter what sport they play. BMG has sponsored several other athletes and the only thing the athletes have in common is that they are all supremely dedicated to the sport they have chosen. BMG generally only sponsors international athletes. They do this because of the world games that help to get their name out there on a global level. Guimarães does this to improve the parts of his company and to ensure that there are people who know about the company.

    New York City’s Real Estate Market Is Relentless

    There have been so many adjectives used to describe New York City Luxury real estate over the years, and New York City is all of those adjectives and more. There isn’t another city in the world like New York. Just ask the hundreds of real estate people in the city that are working overtime just to keep up with the demand. Let’s face it. People all over the world want to live in the “city that doesn’t sleep,” but the real estate prices in the city these days prevent that from happening. The recent New York City Real Estate Expo proved one thing: If you want to buy property in New York, bring lots of money because prices are in orbit these days.

    There are some people that don’t understand why New York has the appeal it has, but those people haven’t spent any time in the city. New York City is in its own world. Real estate brokers and analysts that attended the Expo said the city is a relentless leasing environment, and they expect the trend to continue in 2016. The managing director of Town Residential said the investment sector in the city is driving prices up, and there is no relief in sight.

    So what is the big attraction? Town Residential thinks New York City has everything that anyone could ever want from the most luxurious penthouses in the world to the slick one-bedroom apartments that rent for more than most people make. Town Residential should know. Their agents say people are pulled into the city once they get into the rhythm and beat of this metropolitan anomaly. New York City is addictive. It is the drug of choice for people that want to be recognized in the business world, or the entertainment world, or any other world.

    Town Residential agents say New York City is its own brand. It is the East Coast’s brightest child and for those that want to live a warp speed it is the only place to go. Town Residential offers people homes that they can’t find anywhere else, and Town Residential has listed a lot of those properties.

    According to an article published by the Real some real estate agents at the expo are concerned about the Feds raising interest rates. They say the real estate market would slow down, but Town Residental says most of the sales in New York City these days are cash deals. Money talks in New York and right now money is talking very loud in the city.

    The Changing Real Estate Market of New York

    New York City has been well known for many decades as one of the greatest places to live in America. There are many great reasons to live in New York from the culture to the food, to the great business opportunities. There is a reason why there has been a big boost in the world of NYC real estate lately. Luxury Daily reports that New York real estate is at an all time record high. Just for rent alone each month you will end up paying over 3,000 dollars. The median home price in New York is just over 980,000 dollars.

    There are some great options for those who are looking to have a great apartment rental or condo purchase. Town Residential is comprised of many real estate professionals who have a great deal of combined experience with high end real estate. They have been able to create nearly a dozen high end apartment spaces all around New York that allow individuals to experience high end real estate while staying within a reasonable New York budget.

    Town Residential has been in business for nearly 6 years and in that short amount of time has been able to secure some of the most sought after real estate in the New York market. There are many different individuals who have become very satisfied with the living conditions that they have achieved after working with Town Residential. It will be exciting to see where Town Residental heads with the surge in the New York City real estate market.

    Tips On Getting Your Own Wikipedia Page Up And Running

    Getting your own Wikipedia page is not always an easy thing to do. Your own content needs to be properly pre-map proved by their editors on before your content can go live for the rest of the world to see. It can take awhile in order to get the opportunity to have your own page if you aren’t that experienced. This is why you need to be very weary with what you write in your page since their editors do expect quality content.

    Tips On Getting Your Own Wikipedia Page Up And Running Fast

    – Submit Your Own Article

    You must consider submitting your own article and joining their team of writers. You need to make sure that you create your own account and join their team. It’s easy to sign up and have an account with the site. The only problem you may have to encounter is the process involved with the content you have. Editors and the writing staff behind the Wikipedia site want you to create content that fits their requirements. You can try creating your very own article, and you can submit it to them and see what happens.

    – Get Your Wiki

    Get Your Wiki is a wonderful online resource that has numerous writers in their team that can actually create content for you. Just provide them with all the right sourced and information about your company that can allow for them to create your own page for you. They will support the page and submit the content through their own accounts, and they will simply handle all aspects of the creation of the Wikipedia page. All you have to do is let them do their job and your content will be showcased throughout Wikipedia. Getting onto Wikipedia is much easier this way since you never have to learn about the world of content creation and guess what to do.

    Wikipedia is a great place to learn more about almost every single topic, and they always like their content to be a certain way. It’s tough to know exactly what they want, especially since they are very specific with what they ask of you. The best tip to remember when dealing with all of this is to make sure that you work with Get Your Wiki since they have some wonderful writers who know how to create content that is almost guaranteed to be accepted by the wiki editors.

    How a Sinking Ship Saved a Young Woman

    When Yeonmi Park was 4 years old, one of the things she has been taught to do was to suppress her feelings and give up her free will. Among the things that she has witnessed watching people get executed including her friend’s mother. Her mother was accused of watching a James Bond DVD. This crime was considered punishable by death. Even a decade later, she recalls the bullets being shot out and the blood exploding from the body. Yeonmi talks on Twitter about how the only thing that is taught in North Korea is what the Kim regime teaches people. Movies turned out to be Yeonmi’s only education about the outside world. Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates was born in 1993 as the country was falling apart. Many people were turning to the black market for survival. They traded plenty of items due to the famine that took over North Korea. Up to 3.5 million people have died as a result of the famine. Among the things that were traded in North Korea were clothing, food, DVDs and USB drives. This was how Yeonmi got to watch Titanic. She got to see a story that involved people choosing their own life and enjoying true love. This is when her life began to change and she started longing for something better. Yeonmi admitted that North Koreans don’t know of basic human rights. She was not aware of basic human rights. Her awareness of human rights was like a fish’s awareness of water. She did not know that she was living as a slave. The regime also remains brutal. A year ago in November, Kim Jung Un had 80 people publicly executed for watching South Korean productions and reading the Bible. The latest acts that the regime participated in was the execution of 10 party officials. Their crimes were watching soap operas from South Korea. There were other films that Yeonmi had watched. These films included Cinderella, Pretty Woman, and Snow White. She has also been a fan of WWE wrestling which was then known as WWF. She often watched these films as a way to rebel against the regime. Her father also did things illegally in order to survive the famine. He sold gold and silver. However, the Park family would eventually be split up when her father was placed under arrest for his activities. Also, the family would be considered guilty due to the association with the family. Her mother also got arrested and spent 2 years in prison, leaving the children to fend for themselves. Given all that she went through with her family on account of the oppressive regime in North Korea, Yeonmi has shown herself to have a strong spirit which keeps her gentle. She is working very hard to free people from the oppressive horrors of North Korea. She is also looking to help others with from other oppressive environments. Yeonmi will also inspire others to take action towards making a better life for themselves as she tells her story about her experiences under extreme conditions.